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Zhu Kangyu (C) feels fetal movements of their unborn child with his wife Liu Xiaojing on the platform of the Zhengzhou Railway Station in Zhengzhou, central China's Henan Province, Feb. 19, 2019. As the K4364 train pulls in to the Zhengzhou Railway Station, Liu Xiaojing, who is more than six months pregnant, wends her way to meet her husband on the platform on the day of Chinese Lantern Festival, a day symbolizes family reunion. After over two weeks of separation, the couple has only 20 minutes to meet each other before the train starts. The husband Zhu Kangyu, who works as train attendant, is busy serving on the train during the annual Spring Festival travel rush. "Let me listen to our baby's womb sounds," Zhu said softly while kneeling on one knee and nestling his ear against his wife's belly. Liu cooked "tangyuan", or sweet dumplings, a traditional delicacy special for the festival, for her husband as soon as she came back from a pregnancy check-up in the morning. Yet a few minutes after Zhu Kangyu has a taste of "tangyuan", the couple has to say goodbye. "Don't be worried about us my dear," said Liu Xiaojing. "We are waiting for you coming back home." (Xinhua/Li An)